Terms and Conditions

Skills Competition Wales 2021/22

By entering Skills Competition Wales you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

You also agree to the Competition Rules and Privacy Notice.

This document should be read in conjunction with competition-specific rules, which are specified in the Competition Briefs. In the event of a conflict, the competition-specific rules will override the rules outlined in this document.

Any clarifications of these Terms and Conditions, Competition Rules and Privacy Notice should be made to info@skillscompetitionwales.ac.uk 


Conditions of Entry

  1. To be eligible to enter the Skills Competitions Wales 2021/22 cycle, participants must be at least 16 years of age. Participants must also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Be employed in Wales and having completed a Welsh/UK qualification in the last 12 months;

  • Be studying towards a relevant Welsh/UK qualification

  • Working towards an Apprenticeship in a relevant trade in Wales/UK

  1. Participants must declare at the point of registration their current level of qualification in order to determine that they are not under- or over-qualified for the competition. Participants who fail to meet the entry criteria for the competition will not be eligible to participate.

  2. Participants who fall in to these categories are not eligible to enter:

  • Gold Medalists at Skills Competition Wales cannot compete in the same competition in subsequent years.

  • WorldSkills UK National Finalists cannot compete in the same competition in subsequent years. 

  • International Shortlist, Squad UK and Team UK members forfeit their right to participate.

  • Has been employed within the industry, of the chosen skill, for more than 3 years, prior to registration. 


At the discretion of Skills Competition Wales, competitors and medal winners who have previously competed at the WorldSkills UK National Final and are eligible to compete within an international cycle, who have not progressed to the International shortlist or Squad UK, may be eligible to participate.

  1. Participants may only enter one competition in any given competition year.

  2. When registering for a competition, participants are not registering for a specific competition heat. The Competition Lead will determine the competitors allocated heat in line with competition venue capacities. The Competition Lead will however, endeavour to allocate the participant to their nearest heat.

  3. Participants must have the support of their place of study or employer (the representative) in order to participate in Skills Competition Wales. The representative and participant will:

  • Ensure the participant is free to attend all relevant competition events.

  • Read and understand all competition material, including the competition rules

  • Be responsible for covering any travel, subsistence or accommodation expenses incurred in participating, unless they are informed otherwise.

  1. Changes to the participants after the closing date for registrations are not permitted. 

  • Exceptional circumstances may be considered ahead of the competition day, however the final decision is at the discretion of Skills Competition Wales

  1. Participants who arrive onsite and are not registered to compete will not be able to participate in the competition

  2. Participants may not change their representative after the point of registration

  3. Special dispensation may be granted by the Competition Lead for those that have declared a physical, sensory or learning difficulty prior to the competition. They will also endeavour to provide reasonable adjustments, where possible, for competitors who declare a physical, sensory or learning difficulty to them at any stage of the competition.

  4. By registering to compete, each participant and representative gives permission for Skills Competition Wales to use information from the competition registration, relevant photographs and film for any publicity purposes  as detailed in the privacy notice.

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