Week 1: Skill Up Programme

Join us between the 17 November and the 7 December where we'll be shining the spotlight on skills across Wales. Our aim is to bring together tools and resources and offer those with a keen appetite to learn and develop the opportunity to SKILL UP.
There will be blend of sessions available for tutors, mentors and employers as well as those for students, apprentices and trainees. The programme of activities are fully accessible online and free to attend.
Each of the sessions detailed below will be delivered through Zoom.
Week 1
Thursday 17 November  
Time Topic Description
10:00-10:30 Skill Up Programme Launch A programme of activities to shine the spotlight on skills in Wales. Hear about who we are, the programme of activities and what we set out to achieve.
11:00-11:30 Skills Up with Skills Competition Wales Wales' very own skills competitions that are designed and delivered for the people of Wales. Hear about how they are delivered, real life experiences and how to get involved
12:30-13:00 Skill Up with WorldSkills UK Competitions Hear about howe they are delivered, real life experiences and how to get involved.
Wednesday 18 November
12:30-13:15 Skill Up with EuroSkills and WorldSkills Competitions Hear about how EuroSkills and WorldSkills are delivered, reallife experiences and how to get involved.
Thursday 19 November
10:00-12:30 Skill Up by Understanding the Purpose and Importance of Skills Competitions Developing an understanding of skills competition pathways and the utilisation of skills competitions in vocational delivery. This session is appropriate for anyone working within education. 
13:30-14:15 Skill Up with Inclusive Skills Competitions Inclusive Skills competitions are an opportunity for young people with disabilities and learning difficulties to challenge, benchmark and raise their skills by taking part in competitions. Hear about howe they are delivered, real life experiences and how to get involved.
14:00-14:30 Skills Up with Slack, the online community for Skills in Wales Join our online communities to share best practive, knowledge and expertise. This session will cover the scope of the platform slack, how we plan to use it and how best to engage.


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