Screen Alliance Wales raises the standards of the next generation of Welsh television and film

Next in our Developing Excellence series we spoke with Rhys Bebb, Education and Training Manager at Screen Alliance Wales, a not-for-profit organisation that recognises the global potential of the film and TV industry in Wales.

As a gateway between the industry and its workforce, growing and promoting the talent, crew and services of the film and TV industry in Wales, SAW’s goals are aligned with ISEiW’s, making them a valued partner for our Developing Excellence programme. A key element of this is working and partnering with tutors to help upskill them.

“We want everything we deliver to be sustainable, which means that it’s not simply us giving a talk and leaving, but rather the tutors themselves are armed with the same skillset to be able to keep delivering to the students.” (Rhys Bebb, Screen Alliance Wales)

Rhys believes it is critical tutors continue to upskill themselves, especially in the creative industries, as people now consume their news through a variety of mediums, and those channels themselves are continually evolving so it is important that tutors have the skills to equip their students with this knowledge for their future careers.

“It can be daunting for tutors to adapt, but it’s important that they know the support and guidance is out there for them from organisations like ISEiW, they won’t have to do this alone.”

Partnering with ISEiW also allows organisations such as SAW to raise standards, “Nowadays the creative industries are a competitive landscape, there is a higher spec of content being produced, so it’s important to teach that the goalposts are constantly shifting, and it’s crucial that we meet that.”, explains Rhys.

Vocational skills are incredibly valuable to the creative industries, as the constant changes it undergoes, requires great adaptability from those working within it, and having a more practical, vocational learning is vital for this.

While the TV and film industry offers opportunities for an extremely varied range of skillsets, there are skill shortages in the less creative roles, such as management or construction roles, which could involve managing a film set and the range of staff required for that production, or even building the set itself.

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