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Bridgend College has had a very successful year regarding the number of entries within Skillls competitions Wales 2022. This year has seen a significant increase from previous years, and the college has really invested in the tutors and learners, encouraging them to take part in competitions. The college has identified how effective it can be for its learners, tutors, and the college as a whole to engage in competitions.


Karen Lamprey, Head of Curriculum Services to People and Skills at Bridgend college said; 


The learners have developed not only their technical skills by taking part in competitions, but also demonstrated true resilience in another difficult year”. 


Bridgend college identified several benefits that learners gain from taking part in Skills Competitions Wales, which include stretching their capabilities and technical knowledge, as well as developing softer skills that are transferable to all parts of life, such as confidence, self-esteem and time management. 


Tutors also benefit from their involvement in competitions, and Bridgend college have seen first hand some of the benefits competitions have brought to them, including motivating their staff to aspire to higher standards and to challenge their learners to keep developing and improving. Through the competitions experience and technical masterclasses provided to support Skills Competitions by the Inspiring Skills Excellence in Wales programme, staff have also gained a great deal of knowledge to upskill themselves. 


Bridgend College feels the investment in competitions leads to a ‘ripple effect’ within the college, beginning with learners, who gain skills, knowledge, confidence, and so much more. The tutors also develop new skills and knowledge which they use to further stretch the abilities of their learners and improve their development. All this knowledge, skills, and best practice is brought back to the classrooms, workshops or salons within the college and is shared with everyone within its community. This inspires learners and tutors to strive for excellence and to develop their skills even further, which is a huge benefit for the college. 


This year Bridgend has been selected as one of the 6 satellite venues to host part of the Skills Competitions Wales 2022 celebration event. Bridgend College had this to say when asked why they chose to apply to become a satellite host; 


We are going to throw THE BEST PARTY to celebrate all the talented learners and the amazing tutors here at Bridgend College”.


The college believes the ability to showcase and highlight the achievements of all learners and tutors that have engaged with the competitions is fantastic, and that there is no better way to do so than by being part of the celebration event. Bridgend hopes that being one of the hosts will not only help to inspire other tutors and learners to engage in the future, but will showcase the success of everyone within the college, giving them an opportunity to further establish themselves on the FE Map.


Bridgend college would like to end by saying; 


Bridgend College is so proud of each and every learner that has taken part, and a big thank you! Thank you for taking the time, believing in yourself, taking risks when you may not have felt ready, thank you for the belief you have in your tutors. Do not forget, Be all that you can be! 


Good Luck and thank you! 


Da Iawn pawb!

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