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ACT were incredibly pleased with the amazing effort of their learners, tutors, and assessors in this year’s Skills Competitions Wales. As a training provider, ACT were thrilled to see so many entries in this year’s competition, especially within the Health and Social Care sector with apprentices and trainees taking up the challenge. Becky Morris,Head of Continuous Improvement at ACT stated; 


“These learners have been working on the frontline during a difficult period, therefore seeing them involved has been a real pleasure for ACT.”


ACT stated that for all involved it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to prepare for these competitions, however, the benefits of being involved completely outweigh the workload. ACT began preparations by advertising the opportunities to learners, as well as through the support of their tutors and assessors to ensure those interested registered for the competitions. Once this work was done, ACT provided tutors and assessors with the time and tools they needed to prepare their learners for the journey to the competitions. ACT recognise all the hard work done by staff and stated; 


“We count ourselves very lucky to have a talented team of staff, practitioners and tutors due to their strong vocational knowledge. All of this work goes on top of all the work the team are already doing. Our staff  really do live and breathe our core values at ACT, which is to go above and beyond to provide our learners with the best opportunities possible.”


ACT can see the benefits of competitions and believe these additional opportunities for the apprentices and traineeship learners, to take part and challenge themselves outside their current education processes, are brilliant. They believe it provides them with the opportunities to strengthen their technical skills, but also allows them to gain confidence and a sense of achievement simply by taking part. 


It is also clear that tutors and assessors involved in competitions gain the additional sense of pride and achievement for themselves, as staff, by putting their learners to the test. For ACT, it allows them to showcase their staff to the rest of the country, and highlight the talent behind the scenes through their learners’ performance. 


ACT views the competitions as an added opportunity to develop themselves as a work-based training provider. It allows them to demonstrate to the wider community that they have strong learners and staff who are also able to compete within these competitions. In turn, this will help them raise the profile of the organisation and hopefully increase the opportunities to their current and potential apprentices and traineeship learners.


“An absolute honour” was the answer provided when asked how ACT felt to be part of the celebration event as a satellite host. ACT think this was a phenomenal opportunity to celebrate the achievement of their learners and staff. The organisation agree with their fellow satellite hosts that this is an opportunity not to be missed, and a chance to be part of a bigger celebration across Wales. 


Becky Morris believes that this is something everyone should get involved in if they can as they can create a buzz for their learners, staff, partners, and the community. ACT feels this is something really special and important to showcase, and will allow them to highlight the great work that goes on at ACT, as a work-based learning provider. 


Finally ACT would like to say a few words to everyone that has been part of representing them at the competitions this year; 


“Massive congratulations to everyone that has taken part and a big thank you to everyone who supports our learners and competitors across Wales to take part in these competitions. Good Luck”.

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