Heavy Vehicle Technology

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Heavy Vehicle Automotive Technicians require a wide variety of specialised skills. They carry out inspections and maintenance on large goods vehicles, test vehicle systems and diagnose faults, as well as advise customers on repair work. They are responsible for producing estimates and maintaining service and maintenance records. Today’s technicians use a range of equipment to assist them in their role, from advanced diagnostics to the more traditional spanner and wrench.

In this competition, competitors will be assessed on their skills, knowledge and abilities against current industry standards and working practices. They will need to demonstrate good time management, problem solving and planning skills, as well as prove their ability to collect and analyse information and apply logical techniques to solve problems.

Due to the current situation these tasks will be conducted at your own college and will be judged by your tutors. After completing these tasks the marking sheets will need to be provided to the competition lead, the results will then be collated.

The Final part of the competition will involve the top two competitors from each college competing on an online platform. This will be a combination of questions and fault simulations, the top three from this stage will be awarded gold silver and bronze.

The online platform for the final part of the competition will be through Electude. Shortly after registration competitors will receive access to the online platform for familiarisation.

On this page you will be able to download further details on this years competition activity. These can be found in the competition brief.

This competition is not currently open to registration.

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