Competing leaves a lasting memory

Blog from Tim Edwards, Computing Competitor

The competitions are great ways to adopt abilities or even adapt your current abilities. The competitions are an amazing entry point into your future career, allowing you to fully spread your wings into seeing what the industry has in store for you.  Competitions are such amazing opportunities to learn and to form new friends as you meet new people throughout the day.  These are students with a similar mindset to you, and while it is true that you're there to win the competition, do not forget that you are also there to make memories too.  For many, the feeling of winning is the memory you wish to take back with you. On the other hand, the ability to even participate in the competition is a memory in its own right. The feeling of being able to talk to other students with a like mind is what stands out the most and that is what makes the biggest memory for many.

It is natural to feel nervous about competing against others, be it from the same school as yourself or even the fear over other schools being there. Maybe the thought of embarrassing yourself in front of others, potentially the scare factor is not being good enough to participate. I can ensure to you that the environment is not that terrifying. The staff at the site will always be around to ensure that a fair playing ground is set at all times. As for your skills as an individual, only you can determine if you are good enough to be there.  I wouldn’t worry too much, you and the other competitors are each as good as each other. Anything you’re worried about, the person next to you could be equally as worried, support each other! 

From my personal experience at computing competitions, I can happily say that I gained a lot from competing. My college at the time was split into different campuses. I had no interaction with the other campuses barring one occasion where I entered a different competition. I was worried about the other students at that campus, my worries were quickly taken care of as they warmly welcomed me on arrival. This gave me hope that I shouldn’t be too nervous about the day. As for the competition itself, the first part of the day we were separated into groups of four and each individual was tasked to build Lego Mindstorms to fit certain criteria. The second part of the day featured coding. For this, I was tasked to write code to fulfil various criteria. Throughout the day I met with many new people and I only saw one person I knew previously. The competition, while it does look daunting on paper, I can very happily say that I had a blast. I regret nothing from that exciting day. I made many new friends, many of whom I still speak with on the occasion. So I urge you to sign up and give Skills Competition Wales a go. 

Registration for the competition opens on the 23rd of November and closes on the 14th of

December giving you a 3-4 week window to register.

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