Makey Makey Kit

Are your tech-savvy pupils ready for a new challenge? Are they ready to put their ability to think strategically, solve problems and work as part of a team to the test? Give their careers in technology a head start with our IT kit. 

This clever set includes theMakey Makey kits, which will help pupils learn coding and programming through fun, practical projects.

The Makey Makey kit is a great introduction to coding and gives pupils the opportunity to have a go at bringing inventions to life by combining tactile classroom materials with coding projects.

Makey Makey enables pupils to make any conductive material act as the input device for a computer. In essence, pupils can connect the likes of fruit and vegetables to computer programmes to turn them into touchpads, which can be used to produce various outputs, such as sound. Makey Makey comes pre-programmed so pupils with no coding experience can experiment with it. Foster their curiosity with a vibrant learning experience!

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